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So, mother and I went and got some pictures done since it was summer and she felt like taking photographs for her work with Fairy Drop. I'm uploading some of them now.

Me at the beach

Me with my hair teased straight

Me and a fancy tea outfit

Me and a bridal dress. The last one I was kind of worried since they were making a fashion line but hey...

It's not every day I get to model. I think I did a good job.
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Those are all very nice pictures. I'd never really thought about what your hair would look like the way it does in the second picture, but it's a nice look on you.

Ah, but... Your mother works for Fairy Drop?
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You do look a bit flustered. Were you a little camera shy?

Huh... I had no idea. I wonder if Erika does...
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That makes sense. I've been dragged into some photographs before by Momoka, so I know the feeling.

Yes, that's right. I've visited the store a lot. It's right next to Tsubomi's house, if I'm not mistaken.
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Indeed. And now I'm stuck with Erika as well as Momoka. It's a little dangerous.

I'm sure Erika and Tsubomi will be very happy to see you there.
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In some ways. She's a lot calmer, but... Well, let's just say that it can be hard to say no to her.

Hm, alright then. I should warn you, there's a good chance you'll meet one or both of Erika's parents and they're, ah... just as interesting as Erika herself. Just so you know ahead of time.
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Outwardly they can seem pretty different, but I've known Momoka long enough to spot the similarities.

That might be a good idea. I doubt it will hurt, in any case.
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No way... I didn't know your hair could get longer!
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Yeah! It looks really nice. The wedding dress is super cute too.
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I didn't know your mom was into fashion and stuff like that.
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Oh, that has to be fun. Isn't it kinda awkward standing in front of so many people, though?
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Heh~ That's a good mindset to have! I had to stand in front of an audience too for the Saint Fight. It was a little intimidating at first, but I got used to it.
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Woooooooooow, look at you, Yayoi!

[ . . . . ]

Wait a minute, your mom works for Fairy Drop?! Really?
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Hoooo, that's awesome. Your mom's part of the best fashion franchise ever!

[ Just another day and Erika tooting the horn of those close to her. ]
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Well, the Fairy Drop is pretty up to date on the latest fashions.

[ THERE IS OBVIOUSLY NO DOUBT. But still, that's pretty awesome that Yayoi's mom works for the family business. What a small world this series is! ]

I recognized Mama's work once I saw past how good you looked!
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I call 'em like a see 'em! Do I look like the type that'd lie?

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[ You'll learn, Yayoi. You'll learn. ]

So, that means you've got lots of stuff from Fairy Drop since your mom works for us, right? Is there something that's your favorite?
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.... so you're saying you dress like a yellow human ball all the time?

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A favorite color is nice, but you have to change it up from day to day!
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You can wear like a nice white shirt, with a cute patterned skirt with... hm, maybe a light green pattern!


If you want to keep some yellow in your outfit, then use accessories with both green and yellow in it so that they work together!
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You don't even have to ask! I'd be happy to help out!