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Blaaaaaah... I don't want to do my homework. But I completely forgot about it and school starts in two days!

Maybe I can get some of it done before we go to the amusement park...
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[Whenever someone said Halloween to Yayoi, she had fond memories of the town making time for this. It was about as festival happy as some of the other Precure Towns. But since her own hometown wasn't synchronized with the Community, she had to find another town and another town she did.

It was perfect, with decorations everywhere, people going places, kids and adults alike dressed up. Even in the daytime the town was celebrating because Kanon Town partied hard and wait was that Hibiki and Co? Naw, couldn't be. This town was unfamiliar to Yayoi because she had actually never SEEN Kanon Town for herself.

But having jumped to a AR Precure World by sheer accident, well, she didn't look out of place at all as Yayoi turned to her "date". Yayoi herself was dressed up in a vampire costume of some remarkable moe-levels.]

Ready to go?

Time Sink

Sep. 1st, 2013 05:05 pm
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Mama got me a game as a present for doing so well in school last year, mostly due to everyone's tutoring.

Although for the life of me, I can't login. The servers are too crowded.

Well, I suppose with school starting up in another few weeks, I shouldn't be playing a new MMO, even if it's the flagship title of one of the best game-companies of our generation. Though I guess I could wait it out and reward myself with some play time once in a while... hmm...

Any suggestions on this? I'd rather not spend time on this game if I can't login and I'll just spend it with friends on and off the community, but it's raining and I really don't want to browse the internet for hours...

[Of course she could ALSO do her math homework... which she hasn't touched yet.]
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Just posting some pics from my collection. Something wonderful arrived in the mail today after all!

Cure Peace Figuart arrived in stores and I got it sent to me. It's really quite nice and it looks great. The arm is a little short but sadly that's accurate. My right arm is a little shorter than my left.

So I had to do a thing and this is a sequence from our ending where we're dancing around to the tune of Yay Yay Yay! As you can see here for a better view. But I have even more figures sooo...

This is not all of them. I ran out of space on my desk.

And yes those are two random Riders/former community member in the background.


Aug. 8th, 2013 11:28 am
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So, mother and I went and got some pictures done since it was summer and she felt like taking photographs for her work with Fairy Drop. I'm uploading some of them now.

Me at the beach

Me with my hair teased straight

Me and a fancy tea outfit

Me and a bridal dress. The last one I was kind of worried since they were making a fashion line but hey...

It's not every day I get to model. I think I did a good job.


Jul. 18th, 2013 12:07 pm
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Just letting people know that the Rainbow Hills Summer Festival is nearly upon us. We'll be having it in a day or two. Bring your money and dress for the occasion, aka yukatas. Going naked under them is optional.

I'll be meeting people in the main festival location and come meet the Smile Precure while you're at it! I'll be putting my hair up in pigtails so I'm more noticeable as well. And I'll be meeting up with Reika before meeting the others too since we live in the same direction.

There's lots of games and such, so come on down and have some fun!

(ooc: strikethroughs actually struck through but still in post.)
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Karen I was thinking. Everyone needs a vacation so can we borrow one of your family spaces for a community-wide sleepover? 3 days of basically nothing but relaxing? It IS summer after all.

If not, we need to figure out where to go with it. I think after the last week we all need a relaxing vacation.


May. 23rd, 2013 10:06 pm
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So. While it'll take me a while to go see JJ Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness I figured that something else would be fun to do for the community.

That being said, I've secured a livestream and hooked it up to my laptop, and a copy of 1999's Galaxy Quest. Who wants to watch this on Saturday or so Community Time? You don't need to go anywhere, I'll stream it to whatever you're viewing the community on.

It's a FUN movie. I saw it when I was a little girl, and I need to share this with everyone.

(ooc: there really is a IC movie night, and the info is over here)
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I have no words.

... Well I have a few.

Mostly centered around "Why our moms?"

... fandoms.
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Obtained more things for my figuarts. Lets see if this works.

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Pretty cute isn't it?
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[Look who's been on her comp all day for the No Consequences Virus? This girl. Ordering a bunch of stuff, memorabilia, and oh lets not forget...]

Nope. Can't ever unsee it now.

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[Yayoi is seen that evening as she's examining her Smile Pact. Tossing her Cure Decor into the air, she made certain that the computer was off. However it just changed to her mirror.]

Precure, Smile Charge!

[There was a flash of light as Yayoi was covered in light for a brief moment. But when it faded, she was standing there with a glowing faint outline as she held the puff away from her.] Okay, step one is complete. Now for step two.

[Carefully she patted down her wrists. Pop, pop went her wrist guards as she controlled the transformation slowly.] Slowly, slowly. Now then...

[Putting her pajamas on since she had been dressed in a bra and panties, she patted her chest three times as the skirted outfit formed, interacting with the pajamas. And then, reaching down, she found buttons.]

Okay Yayoi experiment number two halfway done. Lets do this!

[Undoing the top, she actually peeled it off as her hair, finally came undone and popped out into place, falling over her shoulders as her Precure Hairstyle settled into a half-formed thing.] Slowly, slowly... and...!

[Peeling her newly button-attached cure outfit off, she set the top down on the bed, having worn the skirt to preserve herself a little modesty. The outfit remained on the bed, before she unbuttoned the skirting as well, setting that down. Letting out a satisfied Ohohohohohoho! since she was still in her himedere, she smiled widely.]

I have figured out how to conceal a Precure outfit under civilian clothing! Now to see if it's comfortable to sleep as a Precure....
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[The battle was fierce, and for a while it had gone fairly and horribly wrong for the Smile Precure even with the help of the other heroes. And yet, when the dust settled, Miyuki had rescued Candy and recovered the Decor Decor.

All seemed well for the moment, until they placed the final Cure Decor into the Decor Decor -- and nothing happened.]

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Happy: ... huh? Nothing's happening.

Pierrot: My name is Emperor Pierrot. All shall reach the Bad End.

Happy: Pierrot...

[Opening his mouth, Pierrot prepared a energy weapon and Pop naturally freaked out.]

Pop: A Bad Energy Cannon! That has enough power to destroy the planet! Everyone, run!

Miyuki: Pop, take Candy! we need to do everything we can!

All: Precure Rainbow Healing!

[The Bad Energy Cannon collided with the Rainbow Healing, and in an instant, Yayoi and her team was swept away.]

Candy: Everyone!

Pierrot: All shall become a world of sloth.

Candy: Precure will protect everyone's smiles! They will enver, ever lose!

Happy: That's right... we will never give up!

[Suddenly, the Decor Decor flared to life as a new decor appeared in each of their Smile Pacts as a voice and warm golden glow flowed over the group.]

Royal Queen: Precure, receive the protection of the Pegasus.

[A new weapon appeared a candle in the shape of a Pegasus. All five of them.]

Miyuki: Royal Queen... thank you. Let's go, everyone!

All: Right! Pegasus, lend us your power!

After five transformations, the five soared into the air riding on the backs of alicorns as the attack was called out.

Deliver the Light of Hope! Shine into the future! Precure Rainbow BURST!

[If you have an attack, it's probably a good time to throw it at Pierrot who is charging up another attack. For when the dust settles, Pierrot is completely and utterly annhilated.]

Sparkle! Happy Smile!

(ooc: Video starts at 3:35 to the end. Reactions via video and action are treated like the Tanabata Mingle Log. Go nuts.)


Feb. 6th, 2013 09:00 pm
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Tossing these pics up on my journal. This is way too good. I'm so glad I bought these when they were on sale.

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There we go, saved for posterity.


Feb. 4th, 2013 12:51 pm
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Guys guys guys!

Look what I found!

[Yeah, guess where Yayoi's been all weekend? Sitting here watching anime. What? She's allowed a day off too.]

That's not all though, I found all of our opening sequences!

Also... I think we're missing someone from this team. Cause this isn't Nagisa and Honoka.

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Words cannot express how much I am glad I got this.

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I think it out-cools my Smile Pact.
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I got friendzoned today. Feels terrible.

Gonna lay in bed for a while.

Send cookies.
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[What's Yayoi doing today? Currently she's unaware that her journal is filming this as she transforms off-screen. It's showing her bedroom as she's giggling to herself. Its experiment time!

Something had made her wonder about the doujins that she had read recently, how magical girls who transform could remove their uniforms. So, standing in front of the mirror as Cure Peace, she started to disrobe.

Or at least tried to. It was like everything was superglued on and she wrestled with her outfit for several minutes.]

Gah! Okay, lets try this then!

[Hopping on one foot, she tried to peel her boot off with no success.] C'mon, c'mon!

[After that she tried removing her top. And then her skirt. No dice. She even tried removing her hair accessories and letting her hair down. With a frustrated groan, she flopped backwards onto the bed.]

I give, I give! Clearly this is body-armor. Not clothing. No matter how nice of a uniform it feels.

[Breathing heavily, Cure Peace is just going to pout as she gathers a pillow in her hands.] Not fair. I was hoping I was able to remove my outfit so I could stealth around as Cure Peace, and not Yayoi...
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[Yayoi has been browsing the Precure Tumblr for a while when she happened on this gem. After the last time she discovered her own series, she hadn't watched anything recently until...]

Oh... holy... what drove me to this...?

I don't even...
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Dear diary...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Nao wanted us all to participate in the rally but... I'm not the most athletic or the most competent. I can't even do a sprint without coming out dead last and yet...

God what am I trying to say...? I want to succeed and yet I don't know if I can? I want to so much, but no one has confidence in me other than the girls.

Maybe I should just lock this journal post and see if I can't try to work out later...

[The blog post is saved and Yayoi gets up for a little running. She'll be back later for talking.]
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[Click. Click. Yayoi's at it again, looking through sites when she notices something odd. Click.]

March 16, Toei announces... Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage... 2? What? When did New Stage 1 happen?
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[Shot from a shaky-cam, possibly from someone who was recording it, Yayoi is seen in the corner of the theater. She's doing a credible popcorn gif impression as sounds of horror are coming from the screen. Who knew that the little girl was able to get into a movie like this much less be so calm and grinning from ear to ear?]

(ooc: IC responses come after the movie. For the record is is probably a J-Dub of "The Cabin in the Woods" or some similar knockoff.)
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[Earlier in the day, Yayoi's up early as she's moving around, the camera focused somewhere. She's stopping by various tables at the local Comiket that day and she is picking up some Heartcatch Manga from various tables.]

Eeee I got Ban-sensei's latest issue!

[She's dancing too to be honest.]

[Later in the day, she's at a different Comiket. Out of curiosity she ported to another world to check the venue and she's being just manhandled by various people taking pictures with the super cute girl that was the "Best Yayoi Cosplayer Ever". She had things piled up including Megahouse Precure Figurines and doujinshi of all kinds. She is GOING TO READ THEM ALL.]

How am I going to navigate home with all of this? I spent way too much...!
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Um, Nagisa? Honoka? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!

I can't believe you three are so incredibly strong! It's amazing!
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Everyone I'm going to Kyoto tomorrow, so I'll be on a fun field trip! Anyone who wants to come visit is welcome to use the bookshelves to come visit. Okay? Okay.

I'll be in Kyoto for 3 days and then Osaka for a day.
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[It's a first person view for Yayoi somehow. She removes a book from her bookshelf, and then pushes the books to the right, left and then separates them. There's a glow of brilliant pink light as she's pulled into what appears to be a huge mysterious library.]

Yayoi, c'mon, we gotta start doing our homework!


[Yayoi has no idea what she has just unleashed.]

(ooc: replies will come on an IC date of this Tuesday.)
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[Yayoi's browsing pages when she types in Precure.

Following links later, she looks over her shoulder and clicks on a link.

Her face.




... I didn't even think Reika-san and Nao-san would be like this... or Miyuki-san and Akane-san...

... why am I left out?
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So on a whim I tested out the bookshelf thing. I'm in London right now, having a snack. It's late though so maybe I should try another location.

EDIT, 10:39 AM CST

Okay, note to self. I can go anywhere right now. I'm picking up real Chai from India.
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So um... we got our fourth member which means one more. I admittedly didn't do much in that battle though. And the Red Oni was back.

I did manage to get a picture of March though with my cell phone.

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I like her hair mind you!

So that leaves the fifth. It shouldn't be too bad then.
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So I've managed to find this community on the internet that connects to other worlds. I can deal with that. I've met some interesting people and some people I really want to meet in person. Yes I can deal with that too.

Compounded on what happened today at school, I don't think I could ever find something that would top today. It's really something.

Hmm.. maybe I should upload pictures or something of the new things I got but Akane and Miyuki might get mad at me for that. It's so cute though...

Aw well, at least I've managed to make a few more friends today. My poster was de-wrinkled and I hung it up on my door. I don't really have the confidence to put it back onto the school wall but it was a good effort. I'm thankful for those two for encouraging me.

Now to sit down and watch an episode of Sun Man. I should really look into getting that DVD set when it comes out... and maybe fixing myself a belt for my Smile Pact

[Locked portion to Karen and any other Precure Associated People]

I took pictures of my Smile Pact. Ignore the belt, I was feeling goofy.

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