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Smile Precure Finale (?) - Video

[The battle was fierce, and for a while it had gone fairly and horribly wrong for the Smile Precure even with the help of the other heroes. And yet, when the dust settled, Miyuki had rescued Candy and recovered the Decor Decor.

All seemed well for the moment, until they placed the final Cure Decor into the Decor Decor -- and nothing happened.]

Happy: ... huh? Nothing's happening.

Pierrot: My name is Emperor Pierrot. All shall reach the Bad End.

Happy: Pierrot...

[Opening his mouth, Pierrot prepared a energy weapon and Pop naturally freaked out.]

Pop: A Bad Energy Cannon! That has enough power to destroy the planet! Everyone, run!

Miyuki: Pop, take Candy! we need to do everything we can!

All: Precure Rainbow Healing!

[The Bad Energy Cannon collided with the Rainbow Healing, and in an instant, Yayoi and her team was swept away.]

Candy: Everyone!

Pierrot: All shall become a world of sloth.

Candy: Precure will protect everyone's smiles! They will enver, ever lose!

Happy: That's right... we will never give up!

[Suddenly, the Decor Decor flared to life as a new decor appeared in each of their Smile Pacts as a voice and warm golden glow flowed over the group.]

Royal Queen: Precure, receive the protection of the Pegasus.

[A new weapon appeared a candle in the shape of a Pegasus. All five of them.]

Miyuki: Royal Queen... thank you. Let's go, everyone!

All: Right! Pegasus, lend us your power!

After five transformations, the five soared into the air riding on the backs of alicorns as the attack was called out.

Deliver the Light of Hope! Shine into the future! Precure Rainbow BURST!

[If you have an attack, it's probably a good time to throw it at Pierrot who is charging up another attack. For when the dust settles, Pierrot is completely and utterly annhilated.]

Sparkle! Happy Smile!

(ooc: Video starts at 3:35 to the end. Reactions via video and action are treated like the Tanabata Mingle Log. Go nuts.)
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[Action/Video (doesn't matter which)]

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[He's watching in awe. Sure it's pretty girly, but the amount of power the girls showed impresses him. It kinda reminds him of the chaos emeralds for some reason.]
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[Action it is]

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I'm okay. That was impressive, princess.
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Re: [Action it is]

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I knew you guys would pull through.
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Re: [Action it is]

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[He returns the hug.] I don't blame you. I wouldn't been too.
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[Itsuki makes no secret of her worry as Pierrot's influence washes over the land, and she's actively shaking by the time the girls get their new power. But as the light clears, she looks at the team with undisguised awe.]

Princess Peace... what power...!
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[Itsuki laughs.] I saw you! You did great up there, Yayoi. Are you all right?
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You'll be fine, then. Those'll heal right up. And the rest will get better with some time around your friends, right?
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Yeah. Everything's going to be okay. You got Candy back, you've got a new power you can use if something happens... all things considered, today turned out just fine after all.
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Haa... okay, Yayoi. Let's go party. You've earned it.
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*Black fistpumps.* Yes! Finally!
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I never thought I'd sign up for this kind of thing willingly, but it's a little nostalgic.
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That just makes it sound weird, Peace.
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I just hope it isn't one of those things where we think everything is happy and peaceful now but it's not. That happened to Honoka and I three times.
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I'm just worrying too much over that stupid silver thing in the video. Either way, we can celebrate now, right?
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We'll be here with you!
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[Kendrix hasn't demorphed yet and is ecstatic.]

You did it! Congratulations!
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Re: [Action]

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[Kendrix demorphs, holding her steady.]

You deserve a rest after that.
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Re: [Action]

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Well, I don't know if days is a good idea, but you should definitely take it easy for a while.
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Re: [Action]

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Sounds like a good idea to me.
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Re: [Action]

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An even better idea.
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So that's the power of five Precure together? [It wasn't like anything Yuri had seen before. Cure Moonlight had been strong, but compared to this it was nothing.

She sighed, though it was mostly out of relief.]
Princess Forms, huh?

Hah... Thank goodness it's over.
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[Yuri blinked a bit at the sudden hug, but does return it. Well, sort of. She puts her left hand on Yayoi's head and her right arm around the smaller girl's shoulders.

Congratulations, Yayoi. It's the incredibly rare Yuri semi-hug!]

You sure did. You were very impressive.
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I'm very glad it did. [And now headpats!] You did really well out there.