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Halloween Days

[Whenever someone said Halloween to Yayoi, she had fond memories of the town making time for this. It was about as festival happy as some of the other Precure Towns. But since her own hometown wasn't synchronized with the Community, she had to find another town and another town she did.

It was perfect, with decorations everywhere, people going places, kids and adults alike dressed up. Even in the daytime the town was celebrating because Kanon Town partied hard and wait was that Hibiki and Co? Naw, couldn't be. This town was unfamiliar to Yayoi because she had actually never SEEN Kanon Town for herself.

But having jumped to a AR Precure World by sheer accident, well, she didn't look out of place at all as Yayoi turned to her "date". Yayoi herself was dressed up in a vampire costume of some remarkable moe-levels.]

Ready to go?
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[Sena had spent a long time looking for a costume before she finally found one that seemed perfect for her: a butterfly. Of course, as it was Sena, it was a bit more revealing than most would be.]

Heh, I've been waiting for this!
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[Yayoi, you are too cute.]

It's going to be the best Halloween ever. Stupid Yozora can just stay at home alone and I get to go out with you.
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She's the no good fox. [Sounds like Yayoi remembers her, at least.

Holding that hand more tightly, she nods. Yozora didn't matter. She was here with a real friend, one even better than one she could have made using that club.

...Even if she still somehow likes going there.

But with that remark Yayoi earns a genuinely warm, happy smile along with the nod.]
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Where are we going to go first?

[They needed to do more things in Sena's world so that Sena would know her way around. Like this, though, she could enjoy her time with the other girl without worrying about meeting anyone from school. Explaining this place had failed horribly once and she didn't want a repeat.]
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I wonder if there's any haunted houses. Heh, I've never been to one but it's not like they'd really be that scary.

[A blushing Yayoi is a cute Yayoi.]
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Even if they try to be scary, I'll protect you. [Sena can play a hero when it comes to a cute girl.]
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[Even if she hugs back instantly, who needs to think to hug back a girl like Yayoi?, she's caught off surprise.]

Your hero?
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[Oh gosh, Yayoi is breaking her mind, here. Sena suddenly pulls her more tightly, her head over her shoulder. It makes it hard to see her face but Yayoi might be able to feel the tears on her neck. She's just so happy..]
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I'm glad. [She's smiling, too. This entire thing makes her warm, no matter what the weather may be.] If it's you, I'll always do everything I can.
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[This is Sena's first time trick or treating. It's not really a thing in Japan, though Sena assumes it will be different in this world.

So, if she seems to have no idea what she's doing, she'll learn.]

Heh heh. [Pulling back, she nods.]