pikapikapikarin: (henshin)
Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2013-03-08 10:59 pm

Experiments Round 2

[Yayoi is seen that evening as she's examining her Smile Pact. Tossing her Cure Decor into the air, she made certain that the computer was off. However it just changed to her mirror.]

Precure, Smile Charge!

[There was a flash of light as Yayoi was covered in light for a brief moment. But when it faded, she was standing there with a glowing faint outline as she held the puff away from her.] Okay, step one is complete. Now for step two.

[Carefully she patted down her wrists. Pop, pop went her wrist guards as she controlled the transformation slowly.] Slowly, slowly. Now then...

[Putting her pajamas on since she had been dressed in a bra and panties, she patted her chest three times as the skirted outfit formed, interacting with the pajamas. And then, reaching down, she found buttons.]

Okay Yayoi experiment number two halfway done. Lets do this!

[Undoing the top, she actually peeled it off as her hair, finally came undone and popped out into place, falling over her shoulders as her Precure Hairstyle settled into a half-formed thing.] Slowly, slowly... and...!

[Peeling her newly button-attached cure outfit off, she set the top down on the bed, having worn the skirt to preserve herself a little modesty. The outfit remained on the bed, before she unbuttoned the skirting as well, setting that down. Letting out a satisfied Ohohohohohoho! since she was still in her himedere, she smiled widely.]

I have figured out how to conceal a Precure outfit under civilian clothing! Now to see if it's comfortable to sleep as a Precure....

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