pikapikapikarin: (precure - or not)
Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2012-12-30 04:46 pm


[What's Yayoi doing today? Currently she's unaware that her journal is filming this as she transforms off-screen. It's showing her bedroom as she's giggling to herself. Its experiment time!

Something had made her wonder about the doujins that she had read recently, how magical girls who transform could remove their uniforms. So, standing in front of the mirror as Cure Peace, she started to disrobe.

Or at least tried to. It was like everything was superglued on and she wrestled with her outfit for several minutes.]

Gah! Okay, lets try this then!

[Hopping on one foot, she tried to peel her boot off with no success.] C'mon, c'mon!

[After that she tried removing her top. And then her skirt. No dice. She even tried removing her hair accessories and letting her hair down. With a frustrated groan, she flopped backwards onto the bed.]

I give, I give! Clearly this is body-armor. Not clothing. No matter how nice of a uniform it feels.

[Breathing heavily, Cure Peace is just going to pout as she gathers a pillow in her hands.] Not fair. I was hoping I was able to remove my outfit so I could stealth around as Cure Peace, and not Yayoi...

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