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Application for DramaDramaDuck

Player nickname: Shaun
Player LJ: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Way to contact you:
Email: skbgarin@gmail.com
AIM: Shaun Garin
Other: DrSKirk on Plurk
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: N/A

Character: Yayoi Kise
Fandom: Smile Precure
Character Notes:
History: Yayoi Kise is the third main character in the series Suite Precure. The series is the 10th season in the long running Pretty Cure Metaseries, and according to Toei, falls into the role of the seventh team of Precure, a couple of seasons having more than one season to it.

Smile Precure is centered around the adventures of the team made up of Miyuki Hoshizora, Akane Hino, Yayoi Kise, Nao Midorikawa and Reika Aoki and their fairy partner Candy. Candy has come from the Kingdom of Marchenland, the land of picture books and has been seeking the Precure in order to get their help to collect Cure Decor and save their world and queen from disaster. The enemy, the residents of the Bad End Kingdom have attacked it, and their queen defeated their Evil Emperor Pierrot and sealed him away, only to have her powers scattered into Cure Decor.

The story starts with the five girls assembling one by one, learning their powers. Cure Peace, aka Yayoi, was revealed in episode 3 even though the whole cast was revealed in episode 1. Currently, the series has topped 13 episodes to date, and it has been a mix of school life and normal interactions intermixed with moments of battle and downright silliness. Currently the girls are in Kyoto on a field trip and dealing with Miyuki's run of Terrible Luck.

Yayoi also has had two episodes devoted to herself: the first one her debut episode where she was convinced by Miyuki and Akane to enter a poster contest and a second one during April Fools, where she played a joke on her friends, only to have it backfire tremendously. In her debut adventure, she came up against the Red Oni, and was demoralized for a while until she herself stood up against him and his Akanbe, defeating it with the Peace Thunder. The second time, after she had made an apology comic for letting her lie spiral out of control, the Red Oni mocked her relentlessly until she finally had enough, and saw through his own lies to defeat the Akanbe. She also apologized to her class, and they still had a party anyhow, thankful that Yayoi was not transferring out of school.

Personality: Yayoi Kise has many facets to her personality, some of which are more apparent with the way she spends her time with a sketchbook in hand. She is an aspiring artist who feels like her work isn't up to snuff because of the way other artists look down on her, especially the president of the art club. Still, she continues to draw, even in class and sometimes focuses on her artwork almost exclusively. It doesn't make her a bad student however since she manages to multitask drawing and listening to the teacher quite well.

She has been labelled a crybaby for good reason. At the slightest provocation, Yayoi can burst into tears, much to the delight of the class who finds it actually kind of cute the way she is able to cry on command. Still, no one gives her grief for this, something Yayoi feels relieved about. She will defend herself when she believes someone is in the wrong, but her lower self esteem about her own work and her personality tends to cause a bit of difficulty when dealing with louder personalities such as Akane.

She is absolutely in love with heroes, and calls herself a superhero instead of a legendary warrior. Becoming a Precure is like a dream come true, and she will spend time dreaming of all the things she could do. Having a secret identity is also one of the things she loves, because it not only brings her closer to the heroes she idolizes on tv, but it also gives her bursts of creativity.

Yayoi is feminine, but not overly so, given that she has a surprising depth of resliliance when it comes to things like bugs and other creatures. She finds them adorable, something Nao finds scary, and Yayoi loves to take care of small creatures and animals, often doting on Candy when she can as well. When not overcome with panic and fear, Yayoi is a surprisingly effective combatant, able to attack and defend with expert timing. Although compared to her friends, she has very flashy moves, as some of them are clearly lifted from Toku and Magical Girl Anime. She is, also, afraid of her own attack because the thunder crash scares her upon activation.

Other: Being from what is basically the Toku-Precure Unifiedverse, Yayoi is an excellent artist as well as knowledgeable about shows and movies that are being produced during that time. Her current favourite is Sun Man, a show that has been referenced in Suite Precure, the predecessor series. Although it is possible that Toei, existing in said universe, has produced many shows which are variants on actual Toku and Magical Girl television series. A sort of roundabout 4th walling to be certain of, with Yayoi's general knowledge of pop culture and being genre savvy to an almost scary level. In terms of actual Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series, Yayoi's canon would fall between Kamen Rider Fourze and Tokemi Sentai Go-Busters although with some variant of timeline adjustments.

As a Precure, she also has increased strength, stamina and endurance, as well as speed and reflexes. She is also very durable against damage, due to the scale of opponents she fights. However she can blow all of that in a single shot from her main base attack, which requires all of her spirit to activate. It's usually used as a battle finisher, but Yayoi and the other Smile Precure have a tendency to attack first and exhausting themselves early.

Additional Links: http://prettycure.wikia.com/wiki/Smile_Pretty_Cure!

First Person (entry type): Dear Online Diary...

Today was an exceptionally fun day, even if poor Miyuki was having terrible luck through the entire day. First the pictures wouldn't come out right, and before that she fell into the river. It just never stopped for two days, so I really do feel bad for her. And to top it all off, the Oni attacked again! Here, in Kyoto! I didn't know Oni knew about Kyoto but I suppose it's just like a superhero show! When we go on vacation or school trips, the hero is always attacked, like in Sun Man episode 33, the Kyoto Trip!

I'm glad we got to see the Maiko though, they were so pretty! And we got a picture with them too. Though I hope we have time to go to the Sun Man exhibition, I really want to see them filming that series! It would be so great to be able to get the actors autograph during it too! Oooh I can't wait!

There's also so much detail in everything, it's really pretty! There's tons to see, and Kyoto is so pretty in this time of year! I hope Miyuki's luck is back to normal though, because even though she was having terrible luck, we were having fun through the whole day. And that's what mattered.

I hope no one is bothered by me bringing them to the Exhibition tomorrow, I really want to go! There's a lifesized statue and a cast meet and greet...! I know we can't stay for too long but there's a lot of things I do want to see!

Good night Online Diary, I'll see you tomorrow. - Yayoi

Third Person: Yayoi giggled at the sight of Nao running away from the bugs. It was true that she didn't like them but at least they weren't too scary. Not after their adventure.

'That was a close one though...' she thought to herself, watching Nao huddle in the middle of the road. 'It's good that the bugs were helping us out. That Akanbe too...' And Yayoi sighed at the memory of the short-sightedness of Majorina. She supposed it was better that Majorina had made an Akanbe out of a dandelion than anything bigger. Or just made the dandelion bigger. Or just stepped on them herself.

Picking up her fallen bag which hadn't made the transfer, Yayoi wandered over to her teammates. At least they had come out all okay, and she smiled at the sight of Miyuki trying to get Nao from shivering in fear. She really did have good friends, even if they teased one another every so often.

"I'm glad everyone's okay..." remarked Yayoi softly to herself as she caught up to the group. "Let's all go home!"