pikapikapikarin: (oh that go ahead)
Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2012-08-05 10:58 pm

Day in Two Parts

[Earlier in the day, Yayoi's up early as she's moving around, the camera focused somewhere. She's stopping by various tables at the local Comiket that day and she is picking up some Heartcatch Manga from various tables.]

Eeee I got Ban-sensei's latest issue!

[She's dancing too to be honest.]

[Later in the day, she's at a different Comiket. Out of curiosity she ported to another world to check the venue and she's being just manhandled by various people taking pictures with the super cute girl that was the "Best Yayoi Cosplayer Ever". She had things piled up including Megahouse Precure Figurines and doujinshi of all kinds. She is GOING TO READ THEM ALL.]

How am I going to navigate home with all of this? I spent way too much...!

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