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Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2016-11-28 11:38 am

Yayoi Kise - 10 Years Later

After the series Smile Precure ended, there was a novel published entitled Smile Precure: 10 Years Later in which Yayoi's life was described.

Now 24 years old, she has been the author of a long running manga series, and has begun to lose sight of the original intent of when she made the series. In tribute to her father, Yayoi intends on ending the long running series since she was a teenager. She struggles with this thought of having to end the series, as she is losing sight of her fathers memory.

Yayoi still retains her Cure powers, and as Cure Peace, she is still able to fight against Joker when he returns to menace Candy, who is now queen of Marchenland.