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Yayoi Watches Glitter Force - Episode 1

Smile smile smile smile smile, precure~

Oh right, wrong opening.

Okay lets go down the road. Welcome friends, to Yayoi Watches, a new show for me to pass the time liveblogging things that I have watched. Today we're starting with Glitter Force.

The show starts with Miyuki, ahem, I mean Emily having a bit of a lay in, using footage from a later episode. She dreams of us, the team, which admittedly explains the weird way our show began. Yeah, remember this?

[Clip of Opening Sequence, and Sparkle, Smile Precure]

Yeah I thought so. Basically Emily is getting the standard protagonist info dump, via dream sequence. This is a merchandising plot as well, as it integrates the team better into the girls memories after all.

Wish I had a dream sequence, then that would have helped me better accept becoming a passing through superhero.

She runs into Candy, who is from the world of happy endings. Our Candy is still just as reaction tier as you'd expect for a fairie, I mean pixie, who has the best part of her character. The two actually have good vocal chemistry, which relieves the pair.

From what my memory lines up, Emily has difficulty introducing herself, and despite her having trouble, Kelsey shows up to help her out. She also introduces our three other Glitters; Chole, April and Lily.

In all seriousness, I like my dub name.

Unlike my world, Emily didn't see Candy outside the window, which leads us into the next scene where she is looking for a book of dreams. She runs into the library and finds the Storybook of Legends, er I mean the Library of Legends. The sequence is the same, I mean c'mon, but then when Emily places the book in its place in the Library, we get something DIFFERENT.

The Queen of Marchenland, or Jubileeland as it is called in this world, explains everything to Emily what Pop told us... or might tell the team in 6 episodes or so. The evil Nogo is trying to resurrect and its taking all of her power to suppress the world. I like this. This is INITIATIVE.

Compare this to Pop, god willing. Pop had to come to us to explain exactly what was gong on. Here, we have a leftover portion of "Hey, this is what's happening". If we had something like this to explain to us what was going on, I would have accepted this really early on. Maybe even jumped in on it sooner than usual.

In any case, we meet the Wolf in the next sequence. Ulric which, by the way is a cleverly named renaming of Wolfrun. Ulric, just to flex my nerd cred, is the name of a 16th century name of Wulfric meaning "wolf power".

I gotta admit I like this Ulric. He is mean, he is clever, and he is definitely one of those snarky characters. Not to say that Wolfrun isn't the same, but he exludes a smoothness Wolfrun never had.

Ulric comes from the Shadow Realm, which I suppose makes a little less sense than the Bad End Kingdom, but really, the Bad End Kingdom was 4 people and a giant clown. He creates a Bad End for everyone and Emily and Candy are sent running for their lives until the pre-requisite fight breaks out.

Emily is a little less succinct than Miyuki was, but that's throwing stones at this point. Emily seems to at least know where her heart lays and its in a similar to place to the person she is based on. The first transformation is, well it's not quite as good as expected, but that's due to Emily narrating her transformation rather than letting sound effects and the lack of a insanely good OST do the job for her.

Is it just me, or did they dim the light a little during some of the effects? I think that's just to cut the seizure possibilities down. Weird.

Anyway, the fight is won, the Cure Decor or whatever they're calling it in this series was recovered, and the dance is....! Not the hard one. Just the easy one.

I'm going to have to look into this BLUSH group, the sound is not bad.

Anyway Final Thoughts on Episode 1:

Fans of Smile Precure, my series, are going to quibble. A lot. There's quite a bit changed, and it's not like you can film a whole new original series like Dino Charge's spectacular opening episode.

That being said, the voicework is very good, and matches the intent and direction of each and every character so far. From the teacher, to the other girls, and what not.

It's trying to be something different, which I hope people won't split hairs about. It's so far, a solid magical girl show, with unedited fight scenes, and equal amounts of comedy and well written dialogue. There's some silly jokes in there, but its not as bad as Saban's old says.

It's not as good as Digimon Tamers. However, I feel like the show will have time to grow into its own thing, which isn't necessarily bad.

And if you want the subs and original show, just look online. There's plenty to see.

In all, not a travesty. Just... different. I'm going to follow this along as it pans out.

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