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Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2012-05-12 12:34 pm

Absolute Ridiculous Day

So I've managed to find this community on the internet that connects to other worlds. I can deal with that. I've met some interesting people and some people I really want to meet in person. Yes I can deal with that too.

Compounded on what happened today at school, I don't think I could ever find something that would top today. It's really something.

Hmm.. maybe I should upload pictures or something of the new things I got but Akane and Miyuki might get mad at me for that. It's so cute though...

Aw well, at least I've managed to make a few more friends today. My poster was de-wrinkled and I hung it up on my door. I don't really have the confidence to put it back onto the school wall but it was a good effort. I'm thankful for those two for encouraging me.

Now to sit down and watch an episode of Sun Man. I should really look into getting that DVD set when it comes out... and maybe fixing myself a belt for my Smile Pact

[Locked portion to Karen and any other Precure Associated People]

I took pictures of my Smile Pact. Ignore the belt, I was feeling goofy.




What am I watching: Superpowered Rider Sun Man Episode 17
What am I reading: Pretty Heroine Warrior Luna Volume 2
What am I listening to: Eyeshine "Teddy Bear That Eats You"
Quote of the Day: "I am the raging sun, the everlasting Rider! Superpowered Rider - Sun Man! Count your sins up, for they will explode in justice!" - Superpowered Rider Sun Man

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