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2016-11-28 11:38 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: Yayoi Kise - 10 Years Later

After the series Smile Precure ended, there was a novel published entitled Smile Precure: 10 Years Later in which Yayoi's life was described.

Now 24 years old, she has been the author of a long running manga series, and has begun to lose sight of the original intent of when she made the series. In tribute to her father, Yayoi intends on ending the long running series since she was a teenager. She struggles with this thought of having to end the series, as she is losing sight of her fathers memory.

Yayoi still retains her Cure powers, and as Cure Peace, she is still able to fight against Joker when he returns to menace Candy, who is now queen of Marchenland.
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2025-12-04 12:19 pm
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AC Tracking

Thread Tracking

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2025-11-25 02:51 pm

Additional Information for Yayoi's World

Something to note about Yayoi Kise's canon is that it is tied into the Greater United Toei Multiverse. Due to a series of crossover movies and events, the loose timeline follows and applies to several canons across the board in DDD:

1974: The Riders were born, and sometime during this time, they were destroyed. As a result, Riders began to be born across the Rider Multiverse. This world was then known as The World Without Riders.

1974: During this time, Super Sentai were born, and throughout the generations, at least once a year a new team was born to fight the evils. This became the foundation for what is known as the World Without Riders, aka Super Sentai World.

1974 to 2004: Numerous other heroes were born as well, Zubat, Inazuman, but also Space Sherrif Gavan. Gavan to this day has operated on earth and in space and has become one of Earth's great heroes.

2004: The Precure were born, starting with Black and White. Officially Heartcatch predates this with Cure Ange, but the first public Precure team was Black, White and Luminous. During this time, Black and White encountered Space Police Dekaranger, and again a year later with Mahou Sentai Magiranger. This event has not happened in DDD yet. Note: Has been confirmed it has happened via Honoka

2009-2010: Kaitou enters the World Without Riders a few times, during Heartcatch and during the 2009 Era, also encounters Samurai Sentai Shinkenger by stealing Genta's Ika-chan Origami.

2012: Soon after the formation of the Smile Precure and the Go-Busters, the world enters a massive war known as the Superhero War. The Riders and Sentai are working to wipe each other out in a massive battle in the World Without Riders. This event has not happened in DDD yet.
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2025-05-01 10:21 am
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How's my Driving? Anon Enabled, Screened.
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2020-05-23 10:52 am


Yayoi comes from the Precure Metacanon series which is primarily made up of Pretty Cure, but her fandoms are all Toei-produced versions of canon series. For a comprehensive list, each one of them are listed below.

Which also brings me to a point: can Yayoi watch/read your series? And if so, can she discuss it with the character in question? She'll try to keep her fangirling to a minimum but sometimes slipups happen.

Please note those below.

And now for the shows which probably won't be an issue unless we get more canon characters from shows the Precure-verse shows are modeled on:

TV Shows for Yayoi:

Bursting Power DaiFighter - Super Sentai in general
Metal Armor Hero Garran - Space Sherrif Gavan
Superpowered Rider Sun Man - Current Toeiverse show/Kamen Rider Black RX
Space Rider Space Man - Kamen Rider Fourze
Lyrical Heroes PreDestiny: The Rainbow Jewel of Hope - Heartcatch Precure/Sailor Moon/Nanoha
Lyrical Heroes PreDestiny: Bursting Smiling Fates! - Smile Precure/Sailor Moon/Nanoha
Lyrical Heroes PreDestiny: Lucky Clover All-Stars - Fresh Precure/Sailor Moon/Nanoha
Grand Taskforce AllRanger - Pirate Sentai Gokaiger
Engine Rider Go-Man (Adapted to Engine Taskforce MPH) - Engine Sentai Go-Onger/Power Rangers RPM
Moon Fighter En-Gage (Sun Man's prequel) - Kamen Rider Black
Mirror Rider Dragon Warrior - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

If you wish to submit a Precureverse TV show Yayoi could watch modeled on your own series canon or a video game or any other media, please list it with your answer to her fourth-walling questions. Thank you!
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2020-05-01 10:22 am
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IC/OOC Contact

You've reached Yayoi. Leave a message right now, and I'll call you back!

Please state if it is IC, OOC, Voice, Text, Video or RL
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2015-12-04 02:53 pm

Application for My Little Jamjar

Player Name: Shaun
Player Journal: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Age: 33
Contact: [plurk.com profile] drskirk
Characters Played: Woona, EG Pinkie, Lyra, Ako

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2015-11-01 10:12 pm

Lyrica and Yayoi's Big Adventure

[Stepping out of the portal, Yayoi grinned, stretching.]

It's good to be on two legs again! [And she turned to help Lyrica out.] Careful you don't trip.
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2014-09-19 10:49 pm


Looks like that horribly scarring doujinshi author circle is at it again. Made doujinshi of the new girls from two years later in our timeline.

Hey Karen, they're not dead after all! Albeit my best attempts.
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2014-03-21 10:41 am


Yep. I just lost it. This is too cute for words.

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2013-12-25 09:28 pm
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Duckmas 2013

Christmas Gift List 2013

Secret Santa List

Kirito > Nov 11
- Bottle of Lv 44 Sparkling Wine from SAO

J > Kano
- A nice dress in blue

Yayoi > Kenshin
- A nice modern day straw hat

Hibiki > Kirby
- Five tickets to all you can eat buffets in other cities

Perrine > Lydia
- A book on Witches magic in her world and how to treat them medically

Mai Mishou > Minatsuki
- A basket of spa care items

Kaitou > Ellen
- Catnip and a plush kitty

Hayate > Kouji
- A cool costume

All close CR can be assumed that they also got things that their characters would love such as chocolate for Nagisa, a book of advanced Rider science for Honoka, a new polished berettas for Yurippe, figurines from Yayoi etc. Feel free to come up with new and wild items.
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2013-11-13 10:01 am

School Woes

Blaaaaaah... I don't want to do my homework. But I completely forgot about it and school starts in two days!

Maybe I can get some of it done before we go to the amusement park...
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2013-10-28 09:22 pm

Halloween Days

[Whenever someone said Halloween to Yayoi, she had fond memories of the town making time for this. It was about as festival happy as some of the other Precure Towns. But since her own hometown wasn't synchronized with the Community, she had to find another town and another town she did.

It was perfect, with decorations everywhere, people going places, kids and adults alike dressed up. Even in the daytime the town was celebrating because Kanon Town partied hard and wait was that Hibiki and Co? Naw, couldn't be. This town was unfamiliar to Yayoi because she had actually never SEEN Kanon Town for herself.

But having jumped to a AR Precure World by sheer accident, well, she didn't look out of place at all as Yayoi turned to her "date". Yayoi herself was dressed up in a vampire costume of some remarkable moe-levels.]

Ready to go?
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2013-09-01 05:05 pm

Time Sink

Mama got me a game as a present for doing so well in school last year, mostly due to everyone's tutoring.

Although for the life of me, I can't login. The servers are too crowded.

Well, I suppose with school starting up in another few weeks, I shouldn't be playing a new MMO, even if it's the flagship title of one of the best game-companies of our generation. Though I guess I could wait it out and reward myself with some play time once in a while... hmm...

Any suggestions on this? I'd rather not spend time on this game if I can't login and I'll just spend it with friends on and off the community, but it's raining and I really don't want to browse the internet for hours...

[Of course she could ALSO do her math homework... which she hasn't touched yet.]
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2013-08-20 08:26 am

Picture Spam

Just posting some pics from my collection. Something wonderful arrived in the mail today after all!

Cure Peace Figuart arrived in stores and I got it sent to me. It's really quite nice and it looks great. The arm is a little short but sadly that's accurate. My right arm is a little shorter than my left.

So I had to do a thing and this is a sequence from our ending where we're dancing around to the tune of Yay Yay Yay! As you can see here for a better view. But I have even more figures sooo...

This is not all of them. I ran out of space on my desk.

And yes those are two random Riders/former community member in the background.
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2013-08-08 11:28 am


So, mother and I went and got some pictures done since it was summer and she felt like taking photographs for her work with Fairy Drop. I'm uploading some of them now.

Me at the beach

Me with my hair teased straight

Me and a fancy tea outfit

Me and a bridal dress. The last one I was kind of worried since they were making a fashion line but hey...

It's not every day I get to model. I think I did a good job.
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2013-07-18 12:07 pm


Just letting people know that the Rainbow Hills Summer Festival is nearly upon us. We'll be having it in a day or two. Bring your money and dress for the occasion, aka yukatas. Going naked under them is optional.

I'll be meeting people in the main festival location and come meet the Smile Precure while you're at it! I'll be putting my hair up in pigtails so I'm more noticeable as well. And I'll be meeting up with Reika before meeting the others too since we live in the same direction.

There's lots of games and such, so come on down and have some fun!

(ooc: strikethroughs actually struck through but still in post.)
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2013-06-23 09:40 pm

Memo To Self

Oh. My. Goodness...

Remind me everyone not to get a swelled head over this?

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