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Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2013-06-23 09:40 pm

Memo To Self

Oh. My. Goodness...

Remind me everyone not to get a swelled head over this?

S.H. Figuarts Princess Peace. Coming hot on the heels of S.H. Figuarts Cure Happy which I should link here too.

I think we both look amazing. And now I want the whole set...
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You're popular.
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How does the halo thing work?
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Wouldn't wings do that?
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That's what I mean.
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It's very beautiful, that's for sure.
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I suppose so. [She has no clue, but she'll take Yayoi's word for it.] It does seem more detailed than the second figure, so I assume that has something to do with that. Making it pose-able would maybe have been too expensive.
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So is it just you and Cure Happy that have figures, not your other teammates?
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Considering how many of us there seem to be, I wouldn't be surprised if they simply gave up for a while.
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You really do look cute! I want one, too!
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Y-you can do that? Where can I buy them?
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We'll go together next time.