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Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2012-06-16 10:06 pm

Accidental Video - Start of Worldhop Madness - Tuesday afternoon

[It's a first person view for Yayoi somehow. She removes a book from her bookshelf, and then pushes the books to the right, left and then separates them. There's a glow of brilliant pink light as she's pulled into what appears to be a huge mysterious library.]

Yayoi, c'mon, we gotta start doing our homework!


[Yayoi has no idea what she has just unleashed.]

(ooc: replies will come on an IC date of this Tuesday.)
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not here

[personal profile] ifbymyhands 2012-06-17 03:57 pm (UTC)(link)

hey that looks cool

maybe if she just

tries it........*
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not here as well

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[ It may be a week late, but... ]

Hey Kano. I think I've got a perfect birthday gift for you.
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never here

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You're thinking what I'm thinking, aren't you?
baaaaseball: (Sounds good to me.)

always away

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They do say great minds think alike.
ifbymyhands: Kano's Establishing Character Moment. (look at this it's important)

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Sounds like fun to me. Let's see if it works.
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Let's. Where should we meet up?
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*Kano goes to a bookshelf, pushes the books around in sequence, and steps through to the Mysterious Library...*