May. 23rd, 2020

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Yayoi comes from the Precure Metacanon series which is primarily made up of Pretty Cure, but her fandoms are all Toei-produced versions of canon series. For a comprehensive list, each one of them are listed below.

Which also brings me to a point: can Yayoi watch/read your series? And if so, can she discuss it with the character in question? She'll try to keep her fangirling to a minimum but sometimes slipups happen.

Please note those below.

And now for the shows which probably won't be an issue unless we get more canon characters from shows the Precure-verse shows are modeled on:

TV Shows for Yayoi:

Bursting Power DaiFighter - Super Sentai in general
Metal Armor Hero Garran - Space Sherrif Gavan
Superpowered Rider Sun Man - Current Toeiverse show/Kamen Rider Black RX
Space Rider Space Man - Kamen Rider Fourze
Lyrical Heroes PreDestiny: The Rainbow Jewel of Hope - Heartcatch Precure/Sailor Moon/Nanoha
Lyrical Heroes PreDestiny: Bursting Smiling Fates! - Smile Precure/Sailor Moon/Nanoha
Lyrical Heroes PreDestiny: Lucky Clover All-Stars - Fresh Precure/Sailor Moon/Nanoha
Grand Taskforce AllRanger - Pirate Sentai Gokaiger
Engine Rider Go-Man (Adapted to Engine Taskforce MPH) - Engine Sentai Go-Onger/Power Rangers RPM
Moon Fighter En-Gage (Sun Man's prequel) - Kamen Rider Black
Mirror Rider Dragon Warrior - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

If you wish to submit a Precureverse TV show Yayoi could watch modeled on your own series canon or a video game or any other media, please list it with your answer to her fourth-walling questions. Thank you!


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