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Application for My Little Jamjar

Player Name: Shaun
Player Journal: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Age: 33
Contact: [plurk.com profile] drskirk
Characters Played: Woona, EG Pinkie, Lyra, Ako

Name: Yayoi Kise
Canon: Smile Precure
OU/AU/OC: AU - Game Transplant from Dramadramaduck/Toei Multiverse DDD
Canon Point: Post-canon technically (still has a huge world in front of her)

History: http://prettycure.wikia.com/wiki/Kise_Yayoi

Post-And-During DDD:

With the vast multiversal internet at her disposal, Yayoi was free to spread her wings and sink herself into the ocean that was the unfettered internet of many worlds and timeframes. Making many friends such as Tony Stark, her on-off girlfriend Sena, Karen and interacting with other many Precure and the fandom surrounding it, Yayoi got... odd.

Odd in a good way mind you. She began to make plans in order to try and attempt to derail her own canon, in a good way. She watched her show and took notes. She made friends and had numerous encounters with various others who questioned her beliefs in her ideals, which she replied that she wanted to make the best possible outcome for her world. Canon proceeded on rails for a while, until around episode 30 and then it went completely off the rails.

With most of the rush of Precure gaining and losing access having been over, and the community quieting down, Yayoi began to experience her own canon out of order. Events that had caused her to make and take meticulous notes and watch for warning flags were exploding around her. Soon, she was upon the final battle months ahead of time, and without warning her access cut off. This left Yayoi with only the phone numbers of various Precure which she called up, as well as Super Sentai and Kamen Riders and all types of heroes to help defeat Pierrot.

She made friends with so many people, and learned to love and be happy. Freed from the time looping that the other precure experienced, Yayoi was free to continue her own way, and visit friends with her own world hopping abilities. So far, the community still exists but seems far and distant at times.

Her on-and-off girlfriend Sena, came about during an event where they were roommates during a College Virus. They wound up having fun together and really connecting to one another, promising that if their own relationships didn't work out, they would come together. So in a sense, Yayoi is promised to another girl, but she feels like she has time to experience love on a less manic basis. She also experienced death a couple of times, or near death when the community shunted most of the community into a zombie-infested mall. In the end, there were very few survivors, but Yayoi managed to ride out the week with another. Of course Beet J Stag was okay, but he was a robot.

Recently, before the near-end of losing access, Yayoi encountered the Superhero War between Sentai and Riders, and got involved. She took a kick from Stronger meant for the Magirangers, and died, or so she thought. She was instead shunted into a holding world, while the community railed at Kaitou Daiki for letting her die. Nagisa especially needed comfort when she respawned from that event, and the pair spent time together. For a brief while Yayoi went on dates with Karen, but the outcome of that relationship was brief and mild.

Personality: Yayoi is a very quiet, very shy girl who wants to become more outgoing. She is often seen by herself and is known as the class crybaby, having the ability to break out into tears at the drop of a hat. However she has always idolized the superheroes on TV, presumably Toei Riders and Super Sentai-type shows, along with Ultraman-type heroes, and has shown a love for drawing manga and making up heroes for various works in progress.

However Yayoi has a very low self-esteem, something that has been her downfall for many years. She is easily picked on, and she reacts poorly, often breaking into tears from bullying. She finds herself comparing herself to a lot of people in order to justify her lack of skill in art and sports especially. She is clumsy and uncoordinated at times, but has a strong sense of justice and wishes to be a superhero, something granted with the arrival of her Cure powers.

Yayoi feels like she needs to become a strong superheroine, and coupled with her fearless attitude towards various things such as bugs (which she finds cute) and ability to be amazing in combat when she sets her mind to it, Yayoi is every inch the underdog character of the group. Compared to the outgoing teammates, Yayoi is one of those people who can step up to the challenge even if it scares her. And even if it does scare her, she'll also run away screaming before finding a way to triumph.

Yayoi is also a girl who likes fun. She has a fondness for manga, presumably internet activities and browsing fansites, watching superhero shows on television, harmless pranks (although as demonstrated in an episode can get out of hand), movies and other major media productions. She is a otaku with a well adjusted habit, and has a good relationship with her friends and mother who shares her love for pranks. Ever mindful of being a non-hurtful person, Yayoi is the type of girl who wouldn't get into fights willingly outside of being a Precure.

DDD Changes:

Having been allowed to stretch her wings, Yayoi has grown bold and dramatic. She is a person of little thought to her deeds but always for the strong and good margin. However this does not mean she is completely innocent. With an adult mindset and a growing body to match, Yayoi has begun the trek towards womanhood, and complete and utter nerdity. She has grown a little more hot headed over time, a clear influence from her internet friends and real life friends, and explodes with wonderful and majestic power when provoked.

Easily one of the strongest Precure of the lot, Yayoi does not flaunt this power, taking a give-and-take feel to her presence as everything about her exludes peacefulness with a core of pure trolling. She is completely genre savvy and is ready to pounce on a flag as soon as it happens. Yayoi, at this point is not above teasing her friends and/or bluntly pointing out the obvious.

She carries with her the well wishes of her friends and family, and seeks to gain employment later on in the unique multiverse that houses her own world, as well as many others for a different Toei Multiverse. She wants to be a hero and a mangaka, and will go to many lengths to make her dreams come true. She is also super creative with her powers and abilities, to the point that it looks just way too overpowered. The only thing she refuses to do is to strike in pure rage against someone. She learned early on that fighting for the wrong reasons will only cause harm.

Strengths: Combat-wise, Yayoi is incredibly strong. Her power set is not only flexible but able to be mutable and utilized in tangent with other abilities, resolving in a imagination limitation for her team on a whole. She hosts team attacks with her friends but also has a personal "Burst" mode outside her usual Princess Mode with the others, where she can call down kilometer-thick blasts of lightning and absorb attacks and redirect its force. Usual reductions apply for this, as with the overall size of lightning attacks.

As for mundane things, she is really good with computers, media, making and building toys, memorizing facts and games, bowling, and less so with cooking. She is a mangaka which means she can draw really well, and her story-telling skill is remarkable. She wishes to be an mangaka when she gets older, and devotes her dream so that it will bring happiness and peace to the world.

Weaknesses: Yayoi's main weakness is that she's a crybaby, and while physically weaker than most girls of her age and tiny and delicate, Yayoi supports an entirely wrong build to be a superheroine outside of her powered form. She cries less now but is still easily emotionally hurt when people make fun of her, and call her names.

She is also unsuited for long periods of being alone, and doesn't like it when people aren't with her. A weakness thought to be a strength for a mangaka, she relies all on her friends to support her and explore her dream that is her ideal superhero Miracle Peace. In many ways, stomping on her dream can crush her spirits, but it will also invoke a flurry of aggression from the young girl.

Possessions: Smile Pact and Cure Decor set, School Uniform, Normal Yellow Jumper, Sketchbook and drawing supplies in a bag.

Pony/Animal Type: Pegasus Pony Ideally she'd be an alicorn but hey
Cutie Mark: Paper with a pencil
Pony Picture: http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g56/shaungarin/yayoicustom1-2copy_zpsc5e578b6.png

First Person: Given a chance I think I'm going to give out flowers and chocolates for this season. I heard flowers are a delicacy here, especially during this time of the year.

So... okay lets make a list. Who wants chocolates, who wants flowers and who wants petals dipped in milk or dark chocolate? White chocolate is fine too.

Also, extra special gifts will be commissioned from the local blacksmith. What you ask? Well you'll have to find out.

Finally, I need to know my female friends sizes. I'm getting dresses made up too.

Call me back!

Third Person: http://alicornparty.dreamwidth.org/15125.html?thread=3855125#cmt3855125

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