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Yayoi Kise ([personal profile] pikapikapikarin) wrote2013-12-25 09:28 pm
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Duckmas 2013

Christmas Gift List 2013

Secret Santa List

Kirito > Nov 11
- Bottle of Lv 44 Sparkling Wine from SAO

J > Kano
- A nice dress in blue

Yayoi > Kenshin
- A nice modern day straw hat

Hibiki > Kirby
- Five tickets to all you can eat buffets in other cities

Perrine > Lydia
- A book on Witches magic in her world and how to treat them medically

Mai Mishou > Minatsuki
- A basket of spa care items

Kaitou > Ellen
- Catnip and a plush kitty

Hayate > Kouji
- A cool costume

All close CR can be assumed that they also got things that their characters would love such as chocolate for Nagisa, a book of advanced Rider science for Honoka, a new polished berettas for Yurippe, figurines from Yayoi etc. Feel free to come up with new and wild items.

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